Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Advanced Integrative Medical Healthcare


A philosophy in healthcare, often referred to as Integrative Medicine, provides both the application of standard care and a unique level of personalized care.  


Utilizing the resources of conventional medicine, osteopathy, naturopathy, and the evolving scientific developments in molecular biology, genomics, and environmental toxicology, one strives to provide innovative integration of therapies to increase the quality and quantity of life on an individualized basis. 

Using a staff of diversified backgrounds, skills, and experience in research science and medicine, we provide thoughtful and rational approaches in diagnosing and providing individualized healthcare beyond the treatment of  the symptoms of a disease.  For those who do not show present signs of disease, we strive to provide a healthful state of being.

Please contact the office to make your appointment if you are interested in care options.

Office Hours

Monday 10:00-3:00  (Open only for calls, including scheduling appointments, or picking up supplements. No IVs.)                      Tuesday 9:00-3:00                Wednesday.9:00-3:00                                                 Thursday 9:00-3:00




Contact Information

Physicians Care Center
10034 Brewster Lane
Powell. OH 43065

(614) 761-0555 - office
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